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La Fountain Herbal


La Fountain Herbal creates bath and body products in fresh batches in Mount Hood, Oregon. Our products are soothing, gentle, nourishing to skin sensitivities, allergies, and all skin types. Much care is put into creating clean, nurturing, and healthy products for you and the home environment.

Carefully selected organic herbs used in our products come from farms throughout the beautiful state of Oregon. We use natural, wholesome, and clean ingredients in all our products.

You can find us at local farmers markets, shows, and school market fundraisers throughout Oregon.

More about our products, labeling, and shipping


  • Our certified organic herbs come from Oregon farms
  • We use 100% essential oils
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No unnatural preservatives
  • No artificial colorants or dyes
  • 100% free of chemicals or stuff hard     to pronounce
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E oil
  • 100% Pure Natural Soy Wax
  • Recycled paper used in labeling
  • Repurposed packaging materials used in shipping

    Our Story

    family-photo family-photo 

    La Fountain Herbal has been producing natural bath and body products for over a decade. It all began in 2008 at a Seattle farmers market when Tenaya learned to make soap from a colleague and friend. La Fountain Herbal is named after Tenaya’s grandmother of Native American Chippewa descent.

    Tenaya with a degree in Herbal Sciences is also a certified Master Gardner and has over a decade creating herbal bath and body products. La Fountain Herbal puts tons of research and herbal knowledge into creating small batches of the cleanest in bath and body products.

    In 2010 her husband Rock jumped on board offering clean burning essential oil aromatherapy candles.

    Together we aim to create fresh batches of natural ingredients that come from the earth - not some far away lab.

    We value our connections to customers, artisans, and farmers and supporting local schools. We take great pride in using ingredients that are clean, healthy, sustainable, organic, and well...GOOD for us...and the planet!

    We’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks and Many Blessings,

    Tenaya, Rock, and Family